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Order free posters & flyers from The Parent Phone

The Parent Telephone is young, relatively new and ambitious. We want to let all parents and educators in the Netherlands know that we exist. So that they can use our services when needed, but also just to let them know that they are not the only ones for whom it all gets too much sometimes.

That is why we have developed posters and flyers. We want to distribute them in as many places as possible in the country, so that everyone can see them. You can help us a lot by hanging and distributing them in your area. Order as many free posters as you can put up and get started! We really appreciate it if you send us pictures of hanging posters and lying flyers.


Hang them up or hand them out in places where you suspect many parents and educators pass by. For example, in front of your own window, at the doctor's office, the playground, sports club, library, school, shelter or community centre. And give them to acquaintances, and ask them to do the same. Together we ensure that as many people as possible know that they can contact De Oudertelefoon.

Order posters

We have developed brand new posters, in A2 format. They are printed on one side for easy hanging. There are six different designs, we always send you a mix of them all. Our flyers are the A5 format of 3 of the 6 posters, with additional information and opening times on the back, we also send a mix of these.


Via the form below you can order the posters and flyers for free. 

You can also download the images below to share the posters digitally. You can download the flyers in pdf format byhere,here orhere to click. Questions about the flyers and posters? Mail to


Thank you for registering!

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