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There is an enormous amount of information online about parenting and upbringing. At De Oudertelefoon we speak to parents based on the conviction that as a parent you have the best answer to your questions.


In conversations with us, we ask you the right questions to gain those insights. Nevertheless, it can sometimes be very nice to receive substantive tips, or answers to very specific questions, for example about your rights as a parent, or care, or education.


We have selected a number of sources for you that are also very useful to us. You can always email us tips, via! Know that you are always welcome to call us, also about subjects described by the organizations below.


New parents(young children)

We are a big fan of the appHow About Mom, a platform for (prospective) parents of young children. The free app focuses mainly on the mother, in the first year after giving birth. From breastfeeding to sports, meditation and relaxation. Also very engaging, fun and useful for dads.


Sometimes you have very specific parenting questions. Questions that are not so much about how you experience something as a parent, but what to do if a toddler has cramps, what different types of highchairs there are and what the effect of second-hand smoke is on children. You can contact us for specific questions like They also have an app in which you record your child's development andYour child will find clear answers to practical questions per category and life stage of your child.


For all questions about parents and education, you can contact the organizationParents & Education! From the rights you have as a parent of a school-going child, to questions about summer holidays, school systems and learning disabilities. 


In our opinion, the best site for every parent of teenagers.This Is Not a Hotel answers all kinds of questions about children between 10 and 20 years old, but also makes you laugh out loud at all the strange vicissitudes that life with an adolescent entails. Everything Passes. 



What rights do you actually have as a parent? As a father? As a mother?The legal counter can help you with all kinds of questions about the rights you have within your family and relationship (and other topics). In addition to information, they also provide free personal legal advice, for example with debts and debt collection. 


With the slogan 'All other mothers do whatever' we can't help but be a fan of theClub of Relaxed Mothers. Also very nice for fathers, again. Categorized by age, many of the personal experiences of other parents are described on the site. With a lot of humor, the club shows that we all do something. 

To divorce

Knowledge Center Child & Parting focuses on families that are separating, or are separated. Both children and parents can go there for information and support regarding divorces.


The Rutgers Foundation is concerned with the sexual health of everyone. From sexual development, to contraception and menopause. you can find information and answers to questions per theme. From gender identity to transgressive behavior and from sexual pleasure to sex addiction.

Power supply

What do you give a child who won't eat anything? Is it dangerous if your toddler eats nothing but bananas for three months (probably yes). Look it up at itNutrition Center! These people know everything about what your child needs in terms of nutrition to grow up healthy. And also about what's good for you, while you're at it.

Working parents

There is Stichting as a spokesperson for working parentsFor Working Parents. You can go here to, for example, report matters that have not been properly arranged for parents. Voor Werkende Ouders is actually a kind of trade union that lobbies on behalf of parents in politics and the media.

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