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Parents of The Netherlands

Together with a voluntary team of professional writers and photographers, we started a sister project of De Oudertelefoon:Parents of The Netherlands.

For this project we want to portray as many different families in the Netherlands as possible, to put fair and diverse parenting on the map. In addition to all the beautiful pictures online, it's time for the real stories!

Below you see an overview of the Instagram page of Parents of The Netherlands. Click on the images to see and read the portrait in more detail.

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Parents of The Netherlands

The Oudertelefoon and Parents of The Netherlands are two separate projects that work together towards the same goal: breaking taboos and highlighting more honest parenting.


In principle, parents and educators portrayed for Parents of The Netherlands have nothing to do with De Oudertelefoon, and callers and chatters of De Oudertelefoon have nothing to do with the portraits shared via Parents of The Netherlands.

Would you like to be portrayed for Parents of The Netherlands? Fill  fill in the registration form below. We will contact you when we have found a photographer in your area.

Participation in Parents of The Netherlands is free, it is a voluntary project. The portraits made for Parents of The Netherlands will be distributed via social media and may (hopefully!) be bundled orexhibited. For questions about participating in Parents of The Netherlands, please email

Registration is only possible via the registration form below.

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