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The emergence of
The Parent Phone

The Parent Telephone originated from the surprise that there was no parent telephone yet. Let's help each other through difficult times and break the taboo on asking for help together.

You will find a general information document about De Oudertelefoonhere.

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The Parent Telephone was created in March 2020, during the Corona crisis. We, four members of De Nationale DenkTank, noticed that many parents are under increased pressure due to the combination of working from home, care and facilitating education.

We went looking for an accessible initiative that offers support to parents and educators in the Netherlands, but could not find it. So we set it up ourselves, because it's that simple. Every parent deserves support and a listening ear. Not only in times when we are collectively under more pressure, but all year round. 

We work together with a lot of experts in the field of parent, child, family and conversation techniques. With the help of countless pro bono partners, we were able to go live in less than a month! 

The phone and chat are answered by our team of trained volunteers. Each of them has a background in healthcare, education, pedagogy or coaching.

Parents who call or chat with us do not receive tips or advice, but an interested, objective listener who asks them the right questions to gain their own insights.

Together we want to break the taboo on asking for help. Because we all get our hands dirty sometimes, and that's nothing to be ashamed of. Together we help each other!

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