The start of
De Oudertelefoon

De Oudertelefoon originated from the need to create an easy to reach, free and anonymous help service for parents. 

We aim to support each other through difficult times and  break the taboo on requests for help.

De Oudertelefoon was founded in March 2020, during the Corona crisis. We, four friends and former colleagues of the Dutch National Think Tank, noticed that many parents were under increased pressure due to the combination of working from home, taking care and facilitating education.


We looked for an initiative that provided support to parents and educators, but couldn't find it. So we set it up ourselves. Because every parent deserves support and a listening ear. Not just in times when we are collectively feeling more pressure, but all year round.


By doing so, we aim to break the taboo on asking for help. Since for all of us, the familiar becomes too much from time to time, and that's nothing to be ashamed of.


Together we help each other out!

Telephone: 085 130 46 58

Chat: at the bottom right of your screen

Opening hours

Monday to Friday

9am-3pm & 8-10pm

Friday 12-3pm chat and phone in English

De Oudertelefoon offers every parent and educator a listening ear.

Contact us for questions, feedback or collaborations.

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