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How great that you are looking up more information about how you can support De Oudertelefoon financially! We are very happy with that, and grateful for it.

The IBAN of the Parent Telephone Foundation is NL77RABO0353427675.

The Parent Telephone is answered by volunteers, but running the organization naturally costs money. If you calculate how much we spend on an annual basis on organizational costs, divided by the number of minutes we are called, calling with De Oudertelefoon costs€2.18 per minute (based on our 2021 figures). A conversation takes an average of 45 minutes, so that's €100 per conversation. 

We think it is important that we can support all parents and educators in the Netherlands. That is why De Oudertelefoon is not only anonymous, but also free. We would like to keep it that way!


The Parent Telephone is a foundation that runs on donations and subsidies. As an individual you can make a favorable donation to us, because our foundation has an ANBI status. That means that you can often give us more than it costs you. You can use the module below to calculate how much a donation to De Oudertelefoon costs, if you deduct this from the tax benefit you receive.

Would you like to sponsor De Oudertelefoon as a company, or collaborate with us in another way? Email!


To donate

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We are so happy with every donation we receive!

In addition to financial support, donations are also a sign of support, that you are happy with what we do. That strengthens us enormously in our mission. So never doubt whether your donation makes a difference, because it does! 


If you are unsure about the amount you want to donate, we have made a schedule below that gives you a little more insight into what the amounts mean.


call De Oudertelefoon for one minute 

call the Parent Telephone for fifteen minutes 

a whole conversation with De Oudertelefoon

(average 45 minutes)

call an entire shift

with The Parent Phone

5 completed calls

with The Parent Phone


calling non-stop all day

with The Parent Phone

25 completed phone calls 

with The Parent Phone

all shifts non-stop for a whole week

call the parent phone

100 families with a completed 

telephone conversation with the Parent Telephone


Donating something completely different is of course also possible!

The IBAN of the Parent Telephone Foundation is NL77RABO0353427675.

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