The Parent Phone Foundation

De Oudertelefoon volunteers go through extensive training programs and are guided in their work. They aim to help you as best as they can via telephone, chat and other information on our website and other media channels. Yet you always remain responsible for the choices you make and the actions you take.


De Oudertelefoon is very careful in compiling this website. We do everything we can to ensure that all parents and educators with questions and problems are helped by us. However, we cannot guarantee that every parent or educator will be helped immediately and that every conversation runs smoothly. If you use the chat, you are talking to a volunteer from De Oudertelefoon. We only do one-on-one chat conversations. We have secured the chat as well as possible to prevent others from 'seeing' the conversation. However, we can never guarantee this 100%.


By submitting your response to our social media channels, you expressly agree that De Oudertelefoon can and may use your submitted message in an article, social media post, book, newspaper, magazine, poster, advertising campaign, exhibition, other printed matter or any other commercial communication or website of De Oudertelefoon and this unlimited in time. De Oudertelefoon always uses the submissions anonymously: they cannot be traced back to specific parents or educators.


All information on this website is property of De Oudertelefoon. Acquisition is only allowed after written permission from Stichting De Oudertelefoon. You can reach us (for this) at info@oudertelefoon.nl.



version: May 2020