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De Oudertelefoon

is for everyone

We understand that parenting can be a challenging task. You long to be a good parent, do well, but at times you feel overwhelmed by juggling your different roles within the household.

Please know and feel that you are not alone in this. We all feel overwhelmed at times, and need allies to rely on.

De Oudertelefoon offers every parent free support and a listening ear.


De Oudertelefoon cares for everyone.

Any parent, educator, nanny, caregiver, grandfather, grandmother, parent by marriage, bonus, temporary or forever. You can reach out to us for all of your parenting questions and family issues.

“My son has such trouble accepting authority. "

mother, 45 years old

De Oudertelefoon. You can reach out to us anonymously by phone and chat to talk about your family's situation. Parenting is a challenging task, in particular combined with other daily activities. It's quite normal that at times, the familiar feels like a tad too much. You can reach out to us to talk about these feelings, ask questions or to simply share and be heard.

Who are our volunteers?

De Oudertelefoon phone line and chat service are powered by volunteers that hold experience within the fields of education, health care, pedagogy, psychology or coaching.

In addition, all of our volunteers are trained by De Oudertelefoon, to support them in anonymously communicating

with various parents in a pleasant and sufficient way.


We won't answer your questions with bite-sized answers. Instead, when calling or chatting with one of our volunteers, you will together take a look at what is going on at home, what is going well, and how that can be expanded.


De Oudertelefoon supports you in finding your own solution. After all, you know your home situation best!

Contacting us is always safe and anonymous

De Oudertelefoon is an independent help service for parents, that is completely free and anonymous.

We do not report to other organisations, nor work from an umbrella organisation or foundation.


It is important to us that you feel safe to share what is really going on at home, without feeling judged.


Whatever you tell De Oudertelefoon, stays with De Oudertelefoon.

Telephone: 085 130 46 58

Chat: at the bottom right of your screen

Opening hours in Dutch

Monday to Friday

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9am-3pm & 8-10pm

De Oudertelefoon offers every parent and educator a listening ear.

Contact us for questions, feedback or collaborations.


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