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available by chat and phone

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As an educator,
you are there
for the children.

We are here
for you.
Free and anonymous support for all parents and caregivers in the Netherlands.

De Oudertelefoon (the parent helpline) is available to assist every parent and caregiver, via phone and chat. You can talk to us about anything you encounter in your parenting journey, family situation, or as a caregiver. We don't consider anything to be strange, weird, too big, or too small. You can call us if you have questions, concerns, doubts, problems, or just to have a conversation about anything related to taking care of your family. Our volunteers are trained professionals who listen without judgment. We don't provide ready-made tips or advice, but will ask the right questions to help you identify what's bothering you and how you can move closer to your desired situation. We rely on your experience and knowledge as a caregiver because you know your own situation best. We are here to help you look at it with a fresh perspective.

When you're feeling stuck.
When you're going crazy. 
When you feel like no one is listening.
When it feels as if you never have a moment for yourself.
Call us.
We'll think along.

Youre never alone.
De Oudertelefoon.


Other caregivers about their
contact with
De Oudertelefoon

"I didn't know how to proceed for a moment. I was quite upset. I got to talk to a calm woman who patiently listened to me and thought along about how I can move forward. When I hung up, I felt reassured."

"I am so relieved to know I'm not the only one dealing with this."

"After three months of hesitation, I finally called. So glad I did. I can finally move forward."

"You guys are amazing! Keep up the good work!"

"De Oudertelefoon helped me bring peace back to my mind and create a plan for moving forward."

"I was ashamed of what was happening at home. I couldn't talk to anyone about it. Having a place where I can go and talk without judgment is so precious to me. It doesn't immediately change how things are, but I do feel less alone."

"What a relief to hear that I'm actually doing pretty well."

"How often am I allowed to call? You guys are such wonderful people."


De Oudertelefoon
is for everyone

You can turn to us with anything related to parenting and parenthood. This includes issues you'd rather not discuss with others, those that are sensitive, or even ones that seem commonplace.

We will listen to you. Together, we explore what you're facing and where opportunities lie. By the end of the conversation, you'll have a better understanding of your situation and know what your next steps will be.

Caregivers report feeling relieved, supported, and more confident after a conversation with De Oudertelefoon. They also realize that what they're dealing with is often more normal or common than they initially thought.

For more information on how to contact De Oudertelefoon, click here for details on calling or here for information about our chat service.

Who will you be speaking to?

Our phone and chat services are staffed by our team of volunteering professionals who have backgrounds in education, healthcare, pedagogy, and/or coaching. In addition, they receive specific training from De Oudertelefoon to be able to assist caregivers as effectively and pleasantly as possible while maintaining anonymity.

Many of our volunteers also have children and are experienced in parenting. However, their personal opinions do not matter, and we do not provide specific tips or advice.

At De Oudertelefoon, it's all about you and your situation at home. Our volunteers listen without judgment and work with you to understand what is happening at home. They will ask the right questions to help you gain insights, find solutions, or take the next step.

To learn more about our volunteers or to apply as a volunteer yourself, click here.

Contacting De Oudertelefoon is always safe and anonymous

De Oudertelefoon is an independent foundation, an impartial service. We are separate from the government and other entities.

We do not share personal information with others. Your personal data is not stored, and information we retain for training purposes can never be traced back to an individual.

We place great importance on ensuring that you feel safe to share what's really going on at home, and that you can tell us everything without the fear of being judged.

You can learn more about De Oudertelefoon's responsibilities and how we handle confidential information and data in our privacy statement and disclaimer.


You dont have
to do it alone.

De Oudertelefoon.

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